“Song of the Heart” is a therapeutic practice that allows you to express yourself through writing your own song and singing it. The idea arose from my desire to help women who are on the journey to self-development, realisation, and awareness who also love music and words and want to express their feelings and tell the story of their lives. 

For the last 25 years I have devoted myself to songwriting by myself and with others, which turned out to be a powerful tool for catharsis, reflection, self-knowledge and self-affirmation. I realised that this practice should be available to anyone who feels a connection with music and words and want to have an instrument for healing and expressing life purpose.

I am here to create with you, listen to your story and guide you in the soul-stirring therapeutic process of conversation and songwriting.

Find deeper self-awareness and healing

Express your feelings in a song

Experience catharsis and clarity


You don't have to be a musician or a poet. I will help you express your feelings and your story.

Song of the Heart is for you if you wish to: 

  • Tune into your inner voice
  • Express your feelings and tell your story through music and words
  • Find deeper self-awareness and healing
  • Work through your unconscious blocks and fears
  • Get inspiration to write your lyrics and melodies or finish the existing ones
  • Open up your creative expression


The powerful process of songwriting is a one-to-one 6 week long practice. It involves sharing your story with me and then writing a song together. In between our weekly sessions you will do your own soul-searching and give yourself a chance for some solitude in order to hear your heart: 

  • In preparation you immerse yourself into your favourite songs and reading their lyrics
  • In the first week we meet and talk, you can express your feelings and reflect on your life in conversation with me 
  • I listen to you intently and we write down or record your voice speaking what's coming 
  • From your stories and feelings we create lyrics together revealing what's most important to your heart
  • We start to add the music: I play the piano and you choose song's mood, harmony, melody that touche you personally
  • If you don't sing you choose your melodies and harmonies as I play them on the piano/ukulele and sing. Those that resonate with you become your song
  • If you can sing and play an instrument I help you express your music


Songwriting is a powerful tool for reflection, awareness, creativity, self-expression, and potentially dissolving blocks and fears. 

  • Brings clarity, catharsis, and openness
  • Connects you deeper to your purpose
  • Nurture your awareness, creativity, growth, and self-expression
  • Create a stronger philosophy, deepening our connection with the most important things in our lives.

I'm here to guide you through the process of creating your own song about your life, expressing your feelings and insights, nurturing a relationship with yourself and feeling of oneness with life.

Allow your heart to sing!


During our 90-120 minute sessions I engage you in the therapeutic process of songwriting. It takes minimum 6 sessions to unfold your topic and write a song together.

Sessions are available at my home studio in London as well as online.

Please email me for more information on current rates, terms and conditions. 


Six-week songwriting workshop in a group of five women nurturing connection and sharing our feelings and songs. 

During our 90-120 minute sessions I engage you in the soul-stirring therapeutic process of dialogue and songwriting. 

Sessions are available at my home studio in London, at your church, charity or community center as well as online. 

Please email me for more information on current rates, terms and conditions.